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Cloud based tracking system

Installation, Service & Site Based Businesses:

Protect profit on jobs by reducing labour time:

If your staff are generally site based or job to job each day, it can be a difficult task in monitoring and managing your team's whereabouts and time spent on jobs. By installing vehicle tracking devices to your company vehicles you can easily regain complete control of both how long your jobs are taking, and how productive your employees are being.

The majority of construction related businesses rely on quoting or pricing jobs cheaper than the competition. The labour aspect of those quotes need to be met without added overtime. Van tracking systems ensure your staff no longer control the amount of hours that are put into a job by arriving late or finishing early, giving you confidence that your quote is competitive without added labour costs.

Vehcile Tracking made easy

Transport, Logistics & Delivery Businesses:

Optimise fuel and job opportunities:

In any logistics based business, reliability is key. A van tracking system provides a fantastic tool to monitor your fleet in real time, provide accurate ETA's and improve your overall efficiency. 

Staff productivity and optimisation of fuel can be the difference between making a profit on a job and not. With a vehicle tracking system you are in a position to allocate the best placed vehicle for a back haul opportunity or find the nearest vehicle to a new job that needs instant cover. 

Idle reports (seeing when a vehicle is parked with the engine running) are generated from most providers systems and these reports allow you to identify the best performing vehicles on your fleet and highlight the less productive without having to 'catch your staff out'. 

There is an array of easy to access and easy to read reports available that are dedicated to the transport sector. These include:

Stop Reports, Travel Reports, Idle Reports and  Speed Analysis Reports. Call our friendly team to find out more about these features and the best system choice for your fleet. 

Van trackers and fleet trackers are the same piece of hardware, however most providers offer varied reports for specific vehicles. If you are looking for a sinlge van tracker or have a fleet of 70 lorries our quote compare form will find the best match.

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Trackers fitted nationwide

Are you able to prove your vehicle’s private mileage? 3 Very important facts:


In 2007 the HMRC gave businesses and employees the option to opt-in/out of paying benefit in kind tax on company vans. The benefit in kind tax is now £3000 (increasing by £90 in 2015) and businesses that have employees who have opted in are demanded to pay around 12% of this figure annually as a an additional national insurance contribution (totalling £395.00per employee)


This basically means that if your staff take their vehicles home, they must be ‘opted in’ to be allowed to use their company vehicle out of hours.  If you and your staff chose not to opt in HMRC will target your business and will want PROOF that your staff do not use their vehicles out of hours for anything other than ‘Miscellaneous Use’.  If they find that your vehicles are being used and you are opted out, you could face back dated fines for each vehicle going back to 2007 which could literally land you with a bill of tens of thousands of pounds.


In order to police the scheme in 2007, the HMRC spot check around 7000 per year. This number has steadily increased up to 60,000 checks this year and is set to increase to 120,000 checks in 2015.  So as this builds it is increasingly more likely you will be audited.
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